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since 1933


ShimizuKogyo ProductsVarious water valves( JWWA Standard products, JIS Flange products )

  • Resilient seated gate valves
  • Air valves
  • Metal seated gate valves
  • Isolation ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Other valves and accessories
  • Fire hydrants

AVK Group productsVarious International
standard valves and fittings
( Water, Swage, Gas, Fire protection, and Industrial )

Main standard products(ISO・BS・DIN・AWWA・AS)


Company name SHIMIZU KOGYO Co., Ltd.
Location 250 Nire-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga, Japan
Sales office Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima
Capital stock 30 million yen
Establishment 1st of December, 1933
Affiliated companies AVK HOLDING A/S
Member of
  • Japan Water Works Association (JWWA)
  • Federation of Japan Water Industries,Inc. (SUIDANREN)
  • Japan Valve Manufacturers’ Association (JVMA)
  • Japan Water Valve Association (JWVA)
  • Shiga valve cooperative


1933 First president Ichiro Shimizu established the Shimizu foundry at 25 Serishinmachi in Hikone
1950 Organizational change at the Shimizu Corporation valve factory
1957 Opened Tokyo office
1961 The main factory and head office moved to 157 Koizumimachi in Hikone
1962 Received the Japanese Industrial Standard Certification, JIS B2062 (water valves)
1963 Yoshikazu Shimizu was appointed as president
1966 Opened Osaka sales office
1969 Changed our name to Shimizu Kogyo Co, Ltd
1978 Our main factory moved to 250 Nire-cho in Hikone
1979 Opened Hiroshima office
1990 Yoshikazu Shimizu was appointed Chairman of the Board and Hirokazu Shimizu became president
1992 Technical license agreement with AVK Maskinfabric A/S for development of Resilient seated gate valves
1998 Received the certification (ISO9001) international standard for quality assurance
2010 Capital alliance with AVK Holding A/S
2012 Hirokazu Shimizu was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Yasuhiro Shimizu was appointed as Managing Director
2016 Won Good Design Best 100 and Good Design Special Award [Design of Production Development] of "Good Design Award"


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